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NSE is a  website provide ​music and video productions. Our team has 17 years of experience across Turkey, Netherlands and the U.S.

We provide beats, studio sessions, mix & mastering, music video production, publishing and marketing for music of any genre. We specialize in Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop music.

We produce short films and commercials. We provide sound design and sound tracks for movies and documentaries.

Our goal is to reach the stars, combining your talent with our experience and skills.


Umut Gundogdu

TheUmutmusic Producer, composer, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur 

Born and raised in Turkey, Umut started with musical theater in high school and

began to make music as an amateur in 2005. In 2007, he joined a local Rap/ R&B

group called Barakabeat along with his older brotherUfuk a.k.a Argo. The group

released numerous singles and performed in live concerts all over Turkey. In 2011,

Umut moved to the Netherlands. When Barakabeat disassembled, he began

producing music as a solo artist and enhancing his technique. He began DJing

at clubs & events and opened a bar in the Netherlands. Recently, he moved

to New York, studied filmmaking, and started to build his own website

Currently, he is creating more music productions, short films, commercials

and music videos.

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